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Cleanroom measurements

We ensure the compliance of your cleanrooms during the entire life-cycle

Quick and reliable GMP and ISO 14644 compliant measurements

Contact Preparation Measurement Reporting and documentation

Project commissioning

Compliance with the cleanroom requirements must be verified at every stage of a project: As built, At rest, In operation.

Measurements during operations

Compliance of cleanrooms and equipment with their quality requirements must be regularly established. 

  • regular assessments
  • maintenance measurements
  • revalidation of critical equipment
  • Structural leakage measurement and pressure test
  • HEPA filter leak test
  • Particle measurements (Qualification measurement)
  • Measurement of particles in compressed medical air (ISO 8573-1)
  • Condition measurement (temperature and humidity)
  • Data logger temperature mapping of storage facilities and refrigeration appliances
  • Measurement of pressure differences
  • Amounts of air and air exchange rates
  • Visualisation of air flow
  • Recovery time testing