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About us

Feicon’s vast experience and professional skills produce the best solutions

In a country like Finland, full of advanced technology, there is a great need for expert services on cleanrooms, validation and quality development. Feicon Oy, based in the Finnish city of Kuopio, help hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and food industry to ensure that their facilities, equipment and systems all fulfill the requirements of both the authorities and their clients.

“Often our clients have the skills to perform the measurements and validations themselves, but they simply do not have the time. They contact us when they need an extra pair of skilled hands. If needed, we will participate the whole lifecycle,” says Jari Suhonen.

Feicon was founded in 2014, but their experts have professional skills and knowledge of GMP spanning more than two decades. In the past there have been some difficult times where the best lessons were learned.

“We have a great amount of experience from other fields as well. Different projects and project management have taught us how to adapt. This is one way of showing our vast experience. When a client explains their issue on the phone, we immediately begin organizing the process into different phases in our mind and the pieces of the project start coming together, no matter what the field is.”

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Lifecycle management as a basis of the service model

Naturally knowledge cannot only be based on intuition; you also have to have carefully verify it. Work in this field must fulfill both lawful requirements and standards. Any professional performing measurements and validation must also be trained and directed by the client. Otherwise the job will not be done.

“Even to start the work itself, you must fulfill very detailed criteria. All activities are based on the same legislation but for following them, each company has individual instructions and practices. You must have the client’s training and provide documentation stating that you are valid,” says Rusanen.

Therefore any new clients must not only provide training but also be prepared for change management of the whole project. The best results are achieved when the starting point is managing the whole life-cycle of facilities, equipment and systems. Continuity is one of the important benefits of long-lasting cooperation.

“Measurements and validations must be carefully planned and prepared. Already at the beginning of the project we can utilize our own skills to launch the actual work efficiently. After completion of the project, if needed, we can also take care of the maintenance of the validation. Our model is to enable efficient operations for both parties. The client is able to concentrate on their work while having a familiar partner to monitor the fulfilling of the requirements as a turnkey service for the whole life-cycle,” explains Suhonen.

Feicon wants to be present for their clients

The number of demands concerning Feicon’s field has been on the rise for the past few decades due to the development of technology. At the moment in Finland, many hospitals are being built and there are other investments in cleanrooms as well. This means that validations are going to be needed in the future, as the EU’s updates to GMP regulations, for example, bring on significant indirect effects.

“In our history we have usually created our most lasting partnerships right during the first instance of cooperation. We hope to do so in the future, since the sooner we enter the project, the more efficient and beneficial the validations and measurements are for both parties. Life-cycle means being present in the client’s everyday business and being available when needed,” describe Jari Suhonen and Veikko Rusanen.